Pocket Embossing Press

Pocket Embossing Press

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A paper embossing seal press impression gives added security to original documents, awards & certificates, as they cannot be reproduced by scanning or photocopying.

Designed to emboss paper around 100-120 gsm. However people do use them to emboss up to around 260-300 gsm successfully.

Price includes: 

  • Typesetting / Layout of text and custom artwork.
  • Draft / Proof of embossing press you can review via email before manufacturer. 
  • Embossing Press.
  • Custom manufactured embossing die.

Options to consider:

  • Reach: How much paper must the press 'reach' across in order to position the impression in the correct location.
  • Orientation: From what side of the page will the embossing press be slide over the page. 
  • Die: Choose from Plastic or Metal. Metal dies emboss better than plastic on thicker paper. 

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